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‘Oh’ 2- Ironically bad at communication!

There are ironies in life that make for humorous memories (like when I failed my driving test and drove myself home). Then there are instances where I get so incensed with rage that my fingers start punching away at my computer in an autonomous, uncontrollable fashion.

Customer rage should be the antithesis of a company’s value proposition, yet so many fail to eschew activities and behaviours that cannot but imbue a sense of dissonance and vitriolic ramblings. Unfortunately the latest victim is O2 but the comments are generalisable to many services providers. A recent encounter by one reader of this blog has led them to vent. Long story relatively short, they were promised something, put on a waiting list, forgotten and lied to. I truly believe that there is no room for dishonesty in business. Be honest with your customers, they will respect you more and their expectations will not be dashed, thus limiting their feelings of dissonance.

Initiatives such as ‘Priority moments’  are totally superfluous if the core service is not contiguous with marketing activities. Does anyone feel they are truly a priority whilst trying to work out the mathematical maze of automated numbers needed to reach the person who may (possibly) be able to help you? It just adds fuel to a customers blazing fire of rage. Rejoice if you do get through swiftly, you are one of the chosen ones, who haven’t been subjected to a cacophony of brutally low quality, crackling music that some companies assume we appreciate. We don’t, all we want to know is how long we have to wait. Once again, be honest with  us !

Doesn’t it also seem that new customers get all the grandiose treatment ? You know, all the deals, free customer service etc. That’s the final irony and the last fragile straw for me. Was there ever a notion that companies should treat loyal customers to a purgatory of dis-service? I urge you to  ‘Be the difference’, tell these companies how unhappy you are with them, let me assure you it is not isolated to the oxygen related ‘Blue’ ones.

If it’s ‘Better Together’, then why are they trying so hard to turn us away. Demand better service at every level and let’s sing from the ‘Red’ ones hymn sheet: Power to you !

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