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Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah ‘Zaconey’


I do enjoy a funfair and a little tipple, but not usually together. Well last week I got to enjoy both with  the launch of Zaconey, a new delicious fun spirit with a bourbon twist. It was held in the wonderfully appropriate Everleigh Gardens on Harcourt Street, and from the outset it was a triumph. This was one of the most impressive and enjoyable launches I have been to.  The location really encapsulated the fun aspect promised by the theme park styled invite. A welcoming theme park attendant told us to ‘enjoy the ride’ and we  certainly did.

The branding was impressively ubiquitous and the staff really seemed interested and friendly. I must admit that I undertook an extensive taste test in order to give you a reliable review!  Various mixtures and combinations later (including a Zaconey slushy), I can attest that it is quite delicious. It’s a sweet-ish drink,  just like the candy floss mini cones, sweet potatoes and jars of sweets we were tempted  and lured into tasting.

This was certainly not the typical funfair offering of chips in a plastic box and unlike many funfairs, I actually won something. An enjoyable game of ‘hoopla’ turned out to be more fruitful than anticipated. With my Zaconey tee-shirt proudly stashed away, I reflected on the event. The lesson I learnt here is that alcohol and funfairs actually go quite well together, contrary to  horrific housewife tales of exuberant hurdy gurdy mishaps! Thankfully no mishaps at this launch, this was a slick operation. A fun-filled launch of roller-coaster proportions.




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Guinness get it right !

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Last week I had the opportunity to attend a secret launch. It was such a secret that all I knew was that it was a new Guinness product. I admit it is not a customer service story per say but a tale of a great brand and a great launch. Now I love a bit of mystery and intrigue, who doesn’t ! So I headed off to the Tivoli car park abuzz with what they were up to.

I was greeted by Mongolian Yurts, blank bottles of undisclosed alcohol and blackboards detailing tasty treats that would soon arrive. There was even a dine in the dark section, but I was much happier sipping on my mystery tipple. At this stage my curiosity was rising with every sip of said mystery drink. Even the lovely promo girls didn’t give anything away; they were dressed in simple blue tee-shirts.

Here comes the good bit. After a brief break in proceedings the product was unveiled. Cue branded bottles entering the Yurt presented by promo girls in branded tee shirts (Kudos to them for their quick change skills) Then I noticed that all the previously blank posters were now adorned with the freshly launched Guinness black lager bottle.

It really was a great launch and executed brilliantly. As the master brewer said what would Arthur Guinness have thought ? A new Guinness lager being launched in Mongolian Yurts on Frances Street, surrounded by graffitied walls in a car park. It sounds a little bit mad, just like Guinness Black Lager, but it worked as does the new lager. A bit of madness never hurt anyone I say and when it is Guinness leading the madness, it is best to just go with it and take another swig.




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