About this blog

Customer service and brands. Good, bad and the outstandingly brilliant. A blog celebrating companies who delight me with joy and frustrate me with madness.

I am a consumer like everyone else. I am absolutely passionate about customer service, brands and airlines.

I feel we all as consumers should receive the best service possible. When I experience brilliant service or am bowled over by brilliant brands I want to share it with you all, conversely the not so great will be shared too.

Now listen , I ask you one thing, when you don’t get the service you deserve, tell the company about it and then tell me here ! I love to hear stories about companies delighting their customers or indeed letting them down.

It is about time we all started demanding basic service with a smile, is that so much to ask ? Evidently it is.

Steven Pierce

Email me your stories:  piercespierce@gmail.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/piercesteven

MSc Air Transport Management at Cranfield University

BSC Marketing & French at Dublin Institute of Technology


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