Bowled over by Bewleys

bewleys logo

Bear with me on this one, it may take some mild persuasion. Of all places who would have thought that Bewleys would make me stop in my coffee sipping tracks (it was wine actually, but who’s judging).  I would presume that I-like many-hold memories of getting into your Sunday best and taking a trip to Bewleys for a treat. Well my latest evening visit was certainly just that, a ‘treat’ in the customer experience sense. Bewleys are open in the evenings until 11pm, serving wine and uncompromising food at reasonable prices. Gone is the self-service, tricky tray manoeuvring rhetoric of yore.

Back to the experience though and after a rather tempestuous start involving a trivial disagreement over wine glasses, the service mellowed somewhat. The staff were attentive, not over zealous and had personality, much like the beautiful updated environs we sat in. This is the grown up Bewleys, along the way it has matured into a stylish, chilled evening  time haunt.

After a few ticks at the upper echelons of the customer comment card we left, promising prompt return. The only negative is that I think more people don’t know about this after work gem, or maybe it’s for the best, I will selfishly have the place to myself for these much needed cathartic moments of escape.

Like a good ‘brew’, Bewley’s has had  time to infuse and settle but be assured it is now ready to enjoy.

bewleys pic

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